Configurable Environment Naming Defaults

Currently whenever we create a new project we get the following configs (Development / dev, Staging / stg, Production / prd).

We don’t use this naming convention internally and always use (Dev / dev, QA / qa, Prod / prod) throughout our app environments / servers, its a bit annoying to have to change it every new project.

Ideally we could set the defaults (name / label) that new projects are created with just to make it easier for new comers who are trying to setup their own projects in our organization.

Thanks for the feedback @avaitla16!

We have a soon to be documented project template feature that can be used with the CLI to scaffold and entire project, including all environments, keys for each environments with optional default values.

That will likely be the best solution as it’s standardized in code for a repo and it’s on my list of things for this week to create documentation for.

I’ll also chat to the team about your idea and see, for example, if default environments could be configured at the workplace level.

Thanks @ryan-blunden that would be great, and initially I don’t see why that wouldn’t fit into that larger initiative.

I also noticed that branch environments must have an _ after the root name. Can this be configured to be a dash instead (since dashes are easier to type - no shift key needed):

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 5.40.09 PM

Also makes me only want to use underscores everywhere else since otherwise you’re always wondering if you need to use an underscore or a dash. If teams could configure this preference that would be a real nice to have.

Thanks for the feedback @avaitla16 and we’ll keep this idea in mind.