Defaults and Templates Sharing

I’m creating my first public opensource project repo and I’ve decided to use doppler with it. I am trying to wrap my head around how others would use the environment variables within the project.

I have a couple ideas but don’t know which route would fit best with Dopplers capabilities.

  1. Export configs to .env files directly into the git repo.

I kind of like this route as it doesn’t force anyone to use doppler if it’s not a tool they are interested in, but issue is that exported .envs need to be updated manually or with a script which means they would eventually be out of sync if mistakes are made.

Plus I use doppler.yaml files and currently use ‘config: dev’ but I would need to export ‘config: defaults’ so that my secrets don’t get committed into git. This means I have to run a script to modify all doppler setups temporarily to ‘config: default’ and then export and then change back so I can continue working. This seems like a hassle.

  1. Create service tokens for the default configs and just freely distribute those with git. Then I could create a script that would export from my account and upload to their personal account, or alternatively just export to a local .env file at that time only for them to do whatever with.

This seems like the easiest way and one that I’m leaning towards as it offers the best workflow, but I don’t like the idea of anyone having access to my personal doppler account in any way even if read-only.

Though, I could create a new “public” doppler account and just freely distribute service tokens with that instead of mine. But then I would need to switch my environment over to the “public” personal token and export, then git commit/push and then switch back to continue working. Again seems like a hassle.

My preferred “perfect” method would be to have a sort of shareable config “template” that other users could clone to their account via a url, but that seems like a feature request since I don’t see that as an option currently.

If you have any insight, I would appreciate it.