Why does doppler limit env names to 20 characters?

I want to create a name like dev_website_prod_api, but the ui isn’t letting me do so, so I am forced to use dev_website_pro_api (not this is a branch config name where the base env name is dev).

Hi @avaitla16,

Typically, most config names don’t require names longer than 35 characters (which is the limit – including the root config prefix for branch configs). When you need a name longer than that, it’s usually an indicator that you may be organizing your projects/configs in a non-optimal way.

Would you mind elaborating on how you’re organizing them and what your goal for that particular config branch is? Given the name you provided (dev_website_prod_api), there are a couple curious things there – notably, the fact that you’re including prod in the name under the dev environment. Ordinarily, you might have a project named website and a project named api – each with their own dev and prod environments. With your config name, I would expect you’d either create a branch off of the dev root config in either the website or api projects. If the branch is for testing something in prod (which seems to be suggested by your config name), then a branch under the prod config would be the more typical approach.

Essentially, it seems like the problem is you’re including what is typically a project name in the branch name along with another environment slug (prod), which is artificially increasing the length of your config name.

After you elaborate a bit on what you’re after, I’ll see if I can make any suggestions!


We want to run the app locally but connected to the prod backend. Honestly just five more characters would solve this for us. We’ve also run into needing just one or two more quite often.

We don’t want to run the full prod config so it doesn’t send errors out for instance.

This is the best organization for our team and has worked well.

We also have a monorepo setup which is why website is explicitly specified vs not at all.

From a customer perspective this works totally well so we aren’t planning on changing it, it’s just that we wish we had one or two more characters limit🥲

Whether or not Doppler would allow more characters or not is a good question maybe but it’s only 5 more today then maybe 6 more tomorrow. There has to be a limit somewhere and limits will always be hit by someone.

Using multiple doppler projects in a monorepo is definitely possible. That’s how I run it. Each project folder in my monorepo, ex. frontend, backend, api, etc. has it’s own doppler project and then you run doppler setup in those particular project folders. This way your configs are clearly defined and segmented. You don’t need to set up only one project for one repo. I would say it’s better to have one doppler workspace for a monorepo, and then doppler projects for services within the monorepo.

I don’t work for doppler just my opinions.