Can't login into my account

I usually log in with google. But I just can’t login.

I will try to login with my email, but it forces me to login through OAuth.

Hi @lukash!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

Your Doppler user account is linked to your Google account. If that isn’t working, please try performing a password reset and then login via email/password. That should allow you to login. From there, you can disconnect your account from Google from the Account settings accessible via the Avatar menu in the top right corner of the dashboard. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to reconnect your account to Google by logging out and attempting to login via Google SSO again. This won’t work, but will prompt you to approve the connection. Log back in via email/password, go to your Account settings again and approve the connection. From there, you should be able to log out and log back in via Google SSO.

Let me know if you continue having trouble after doing that!