MFA not working. Can't login to remove or reset

Hi, I need help removing MFA from my doppler account. I set MFA with my phone a while ago, but recently whenever I try to login with it blocks me saying “You’re identity could not be verified”. Annoyingly, I have no way of overriding the MFA (e.g. no backup codes) unless I am logged in. Is there any way MFA can be disabled on my account please.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Chipzstar!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to reset MFA on an account. We’ve decided against allowing this due to the potential security implications removing MFA from an account has. If there’s no way to get your MFA application working and you don’t have any Recovery Codes, then there are only really two courses of action available. The first option is to remove the user from your projects and create a new account under a different email address. That option will only work if you have other Owner users in your Workplace. The second option is to go through a process that will allow us to delete your user which will allow you to create a new account using the same email address (this process will result in your workplace and all its projects being deleted as well though).

I’m really sorry that there wasn’t more we could do to help here. If you’d like to proceed with option 2, please email us at referencing this thread and we can initiate that process then. Let me know if you have any questions.