API Invalid auth token

New to the service and feeling a little dumb over here. Trying out the API using basic auth with a service token. I don’t get what to use for the basic auth, though. Usually it’s USER:PASS, but I have no idea what to use for either of these. I’m assuming my email address for the USER, but since my account is connected with Google OAuth, there’s no password.

I looked in the forums and saw one reference to USER:TOKEN, so I tried my email address as the USER and the service token as the TOKEN. That didn’t work.

I saw another reference to TOKEN:PASS, but PASS could be any value. So, I tried TOKEN alone which gave the error “Please provide an api key”. I then tried TOKEN: with blank password and TOKEN:anyvalue.

All the variations (except for TOKEN alone) are resulting in an Invalid Auth token error.

I must be missing something. What goes into the basic auth for what normally would be the USER:PASS?

Hey Joe, founder of Doppler here :wave:. No need to feel dumb, this is definitely an area we can improve upon on our docs.

To authenticate with the API, pass in the token as the user and leave the password blank when using basic auth (ex: “$DOPPLER_TOKEN:”).

Hope this helps and have a great weekend! Thank you for taking a step forward in making the internet a more secure place by using Doppler.

Yes, thanks. Even after your reply, it didn’t work. So, I revoked the service token I was using and generated a new one. That worked. Maybe I missed a character when copying it into my code.

Thanks again.

Great to hear! Have a great day!