Show config icons next to floating 'save' button

When using the web GUI to work with a config the icons to control how and what is shown are currently located at the top of the scrollable secrets list as are all the other ‘tabbed’ screens that can be switched too. This causes issues when you have more than a few secrets defined as you can not get to the controls without scrolling to the top of what could be a very long list - and then having to scroll back to the entry you want to work on. Also

- If you click on save the Reveal option is reset to hide everything.
- At times the site and browser 'status' seems to cause the secret list to be shown at a
  last known position rather than from the top - so forcing you to scroll to the top for the icons.
- When using external references all the 'Manage' links take you directly to the referring secret,
  which often means a lot of scrolling to get to the icons. 

Could the icons not also be placed under the floating ‘save’ button that is placed in the left-hand margin and which stays visible at all times?

Also as a side note, the ‘save’ button only becomes visible once someone has completed all the joining steps - I wonder how many users do not even know that this exists?

Hi @rit001!

Thanks for your suggestions here! We’re actually in the process of doing some redesign work for that page already and the changes we’re working on should address many of the issues you have. I’ve passed your feedback along to our team so they could see it as well.