Environment secret list shown in a different order

When you create a new Environment within a project all the secrets are created with ‘Add Missing Value’ and shown in an ‘Action Required list’. This list has a different sort order to the order used when secrets are shown in an ‘Active list’. It seems that underscores are treated differently.

The workaround is to click on the empty tag for every entry in the ‘Action Required list’ so that the entry is moved to the ‘Active list’.

I have noticed this as I am trying to find a way to correctly duplicate an Environment and this recording issue shows up when placing the old and new Environments side by side in 2 browsers so that I can copy and paste between them.

Hi @rit001!

Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce what you’re seeing and have opened up an internal issue regarding this. I’ll post again here once the issue is resolved.


The same issue also happens when you look at the order of the env and yaml download files, but not the json download file so the question becomes more what is the correct order for the whole application.

For my environment, I have been using underscores to place key values at the top of the list when shown in the ‘Active list’ view.

The order used by the command line “doppler secrets” is also the alternative order. So currently ‘Action Required list’ and JSON download file are using one order, while everything else is using another.

Thanks for that additional information! I’ve added it to the issue we’re maintaining on this internally.