Logic error in the web GUI that can cause issues

Over time the GUI has gained the ability to flag a value as being inherited from the ‘top’ config and more recently the ability to flag individual key pairs with visible rules.

These 2 features now seem to be conflicting. If you change the visibility rule for a key pair within a config, this also changes the inheritance rule for the value. So if you want to easily see values you are working on within a config you end up breaking the inheritance rules - the result is something of a mess if you do not notice and then make changes to the values held in the ‘top’ config as they are not then used across all the configs as you would expect.

The changed state of the visibility set on a key pair should not affect the state of the value on the key pair.

Any comment/view on this issue?

I now have a firm user case where this is an issue.

Imagine a config with over 200 k/v pairs, so making the current GUI a little painful to use as every time a value is changed the screen has to be scrolled to the top so that view can be reselected.

So instead a user goes and uses the ‘unmasked’ option on all the fields they are interested in. The issue is while some of the fields are defined locally others are taken from the root config. Once the ‘unmasked’ option is selected they are now all defined as local values.

The ‘click to reveal’ option that is shown when you click on the field is not much held as it is reset every time save is selected.