Should use Doppler to store private keys?

Should use Doppler to store private keys?

Hi @l2D,

Doppler is great for storing all manner of private keys due to our excellent built-in handling of multiline secrets.

I recommend checking out our tutorials as there are several articles that specifically cover using Doppler with TLS and even PKCS12 keys in binary format.

Using TLS keys as an example, here is how you would import them into Doppler:

cat | doppler secrets set TLS_CERT
cat | doppler secrets set TLS_KEY

And then to extract them:

doppler secrets get TLS_CERT --plain > /etc/tls/cert.pem
doppler secrets get TLS_KEY --plain > /etc/tls/key.pem

Let me know if there is another use case that’s not covered here.