Quality of life improvement: Add UI validation for secret referencing

Hi everyone,

I just had a major headache because of forgetting to add the closing curly braces while using secrets referencing. Took me a while to figure out why my service couldn’t connect to an outside service and it saying that the password is wrong.

I added the secret like so: SOME_SECRET=${some_project.some_config.SOME_SECRET. Notice the missing closing curly brace!

I would propose adding some form of UI validation so that others might not shoot themselves in the foot the same way that I did. Maybe crafting a regex for all syntactically invalid use-cases of secret referencing and throwing a warning in the user’s face whether they really want to save a secret with that value.

Hi @andras!

Thanks for your feedback on this! This is actually something we’re already working on, so it won’t be a problem for too much longer! In the mean time, sorry for the frustration!!