Updating referenced secret names updates references

Hello! Loving the cross-project references, really helping us clean up and centralize!

One thing I’ve found that I expect will eventually bite us is that updating a secret’s name does not update the references to it. IE if we have a common project and a API_KEY secret which we reference in another project as ${common.prd.API_KEY} - we may later decide to make the secret name INTERNAL_API_KEY. If we do that, our references continue to point to API_KEY, and we get the literal string value ${common.prd.API_KEY} when pulling from the CLI.

This is pretty much expected (and why I tested it!), as there’s nothing in the docs or the UI to indicate otherwise. That said, it would be great if this feature could be added. We have a huge multitude of projects in Doppler and having to go update those references in such cases would be time consuming and potentially painful if not caught before a deployment.


Hi there!

Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve passed this feedback on to our Product team.