Cannot resolve secret references

When I attempt to reference one secret from another secret, I get an error when I attempt to save my changes. For example, if I create secrets X and Y, and I reference X from Y using the syntax ${X}, when I attempt to save my changes, I get the following error:

The secret "Y" cannot resolve the reference ${X}.

However, I can reference any predefined name without issue, such as ${DOPPLER_ENVIRONMENT}.

Is there something I need to configure to allow references to my own secrets?

As far as I can tell, this appears to be related to repurposing the starter/example project, which defines some example secrets. I used the example and simply renamed some secrets and deleted the extra secrets I didn’t need. When I attempted to reference one secret from another, I ran into the error above.

However, when I created a completely new, empty project, with no pre-populated example secrets, I did not encounter the error above.

Hi @chuckwondo!

Just wanted to chime in here after our discussion in a separate support ticket to note that I wasn’t able to reproduce this on the example project that’s included in new Workplaces. That starter project is just a normal project, so it should behave like any other project. If anyone else runs into this issue though, please feel free to chime in and we can take a deeper look to see what might be causing that behavior.