Trying to understand limitations of secret referencing/templating

Hi all!

These might be actually two questions in one.

The first question is: is it true that a secret cannot not reference another secret which has references?

I am asking because I see this error (which is pretty conclusive tbh):
The secret "X" cannot reference ${global.X} because it references other secrets.

The second question is: I would like to reference another secret but also transform the content of the secret. I.e., some kind of templating. In my current example I’d like to quote a string, since I inject a secret into a JSON object. I can work around it, but I just wanted to confirm that there is only straight string replacement is happening and higher powered templating functions aren’t available (yet).

Thank you very much!

Hi @yasinzaehringer!

Yep! Currently we don’t support nested secret references. This is something we hope to add support for in the future though!

That’s correct. We don’t yet have any more advanced templating/mutation options available for use when using secret references. I’ll go ahead and pass this request along to our team though!