Doppler configs/setup not listing all configs for an owner

Hey there! My team member is trying to setup Doppler and can’t see all configs despite being an owner. We tried signing out and back in, no change. doppler setup produces the following:

Selected only available project: api
Selected only available config: dev

Any advice appreciated!

Hi @mrlubos!

It sounds like you might have the DOPPLER_TOKEN environment variable set with a service token. Service tokens are tied to a specific project + config combination, which would explain the output you’re seeing there. Try running unset DOPPLER_TOKEN and then run doppler setup and see if the output is any different. If you still have this problem, try running doppler configure --all and see if you have any other tokens set at different directory scopes (it could be a service token is already set for the directory you’re running this setup command from).


Hey @watsonian, that’s exactly what the issue was. Thank you for the quick response!