Doppler CLI Error: No Access to Any Projects - Troubleshooting Assistance Needed"

"Hi all,

I’ve been facing a perplexing issue with the Doppler CLI while working on the ‘ni-be-services’ project. Although I’ve successfully set up my project and secrets, I’m consistently receiving the error message ‘Doppler Error: Could not find requested project ‘ni-be-services’.’

To provide some context, I am using a Doppler Service Token for restricted secrets access in a live environment. I have verified the project name, tokens, and configurations multiple times. I even attempted to uninstall and reinstall the CLI and run different setup commands without success.

The most puzzling part is that the error message indicates that I do not have access to any projects, despite using the proper credentials and setup.

I’m at a loss and would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance from the community on what might be causing this issue or how to resolve it. Here’s the error message for reference:

vbnetCopy code

Unable to fetch configs
Doppler Error: Could not find requested project 'ni-be-services'

Thank you in advance for your assistance."

Hi @Benjamin_Moskovitz!

Most likely the issue here is that a Service Token is being used that’s restricted to a single project and config. What I’d recommend is performing a CLI reset by running:

doppler configure reset

That will remove any CLI configuration or setup you had done previously. Also, make sure you run unset DOPPLER_TOKEN to make sure there isn’t a token set in your environment.

After that, run doppler login and login normally. Immediately after doing that, try running doppler secrets --only-names -p ni-be-services -c dev and you should see your secrets printed. When setting up in project directories, you’ll want to run doppler setup rather than doppler login . Typically, you’ll only want an additional doppler login scoped to a specific directory if you have multiple workplaces you’re authenticating with.

Give that a shot and let me know if it helps!