This token does not have access to requested config 'dev_personal'

Our team has a dev project, and I just enabled personal configs. However, when I change the config using doppler setup, I get the error “This token does not have access to requested config ‘dev_personal’”. This is only a problem with forks from the dev project, and only for our client code, which is started with react-scripts --max_old_space_size=2560 --openssl-legacy-provider start.

Hi @Yoshi_Gillaspie!

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Most likely what you’re seeing here is that a service token (which is scoped to a specific config) is being used by the CLI. The easiest thing to look for is a DOPPLER_TOKEN variable set in your shell environment. If there is one, that will take precedence over anything else and could be causing problems. If you see that set, run unset DOPPLER_TOKEN and try doing the doppler setup again.

If that isn’t the case, then probably the fastest way to get things working properly again would be to run the following command:

doppler configure reset

This will remove any local configuration you have (including situations where you’ve performed a doppler setup or doppler login in subdirectories). After doing this, run doppler login again. Once you’ve done that, try to perform the doppler setup again and see if it works.

Let me know if that works! If not, we can dig in a bit more and see what else may be going on here.


Hi @watsonian, thanks for looking into it. Unfortunately still having issues.

No doppler token is set:

(main) if [ -z "${DOPPLER_TOKEN}" ]; then echo "DOPPLER_TOKEN is not set"; else echo "DOPPLER_TOKEN is set"; fi

DOPPLER_TOKEN is not set

I just did a doppler configure reset and then logged and and did setup, but continue to see the same issue:
Doppler Error: This token does not have access to requested config ‘dev_personal’

An additional note, this seems to only be an issue with starting up our client, but not an issue with starting our server. In both cases I run doppler run -- npm run start. In the server, this just runs nodemon server/index.ts and works, in the client directory, this runs doppler run -- react-scripts --openssl-legacy-provider start and does not work.

@Yoshi_Gillaspie This definitely seems like some kind of scoping issue where one of your services ends up not using your local CLI token. Could you try temporarily modifying your packages.json file so that the doppler run invocations starts like this:

DOPPLER_TOKEN=$(doppler --scope "/" configure get token --plain) doppler run ............

That should force it to use your global CLI token.


I think I got it. It seems to be related to a double call to doppler run. Basically, I had been running doppler run npm run start-dev, and then start-dev is defined as doppler run doppler run -- react-scripts --openssl-legacy-provider start. So seems like it’s breaking when calling doppler run -- doppler run -- {actual command}

It is strange that it doesn’t cause an error for any of the other doppler environments though.

Thanks for your help looking into this!

Does the environment having problems happen to have a DOPPLER_TOKEN as a secret in the Doppler config it’s pulling down the first time? If that were the case, then the first doppler run invocation would set DOPPLER_TOKEN for the second invocation, which would change which credential it was using.


Ohhh, that make sense, and yes we do. Thanks for clearing that up!