Creating a token via CLI

When I try to create a token via CLI I get the error " Unable to create service token
Doppler Error: You do not have access to service tokens."
I’m trying to follow the Local Deployment instructions here: Dockerfile

I’m logged in with my CLI token. What am I missing?

Hi @sir_mike!

My suspicion here is that you might have DOPPLER_TOKEN set in your environment with another service token that doesn’t have permission to create tokens. Could you try running this command and see if it works?

DOPPLER_TOKEN="$(DOPPLER_TOKEN="" doppler configs tokens create docker --max-age 1m --plain)"

This is essentially just unsetting DOPPLER_TOKEN in the sub-shell the doppler configs command is running in, which causes the CLI to fallback to your primary CLI token. If that works, then this was your problem. If not, let me know and we can dig in further!