CLI support for ephemeral service tokens

Would love to see support for ephemeral/temporary service tokens with the CLI.

Use case: running a script that needs a DOPPLER_TOKEN and the user doesn’t have that or it is named incorrectly (but is presumably logged in to doppler) - instead of failing, the script could create a temporary token to use for the duration of the execution.

This has the added benefit of being able to enforce token scoping for such scripts/usages by not even checking for DOPPLER_TOKEN .

Hey Dallas!

We recently added support for ephemeral Service Tokens.

They can be created via the dashboard:

Or the CLI as of version v3.33.0.

Here’s an example feeding an ephemeral Service Token to a Docker container using the CLI:

docker run --rm -it \
  -e DOPPLER_TOKEN=$(doppler configs tokens create docker-temp --max-age 1m --plain) 

Ah that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Turns out I installed Doppler via homebrew and that was preventing doppler update from actually updating anything, needed to brew upgrade doppler. Might be worth having doppler update run that if installed via brew?