Https:// - Update Suggestion

I just followed the docs here in Service Tokens about the service-tokens. The small videos are really great.

One line I completely miss that all makes sense for the setup. It is how to add the service token to the server via command-line. My suggestion is to add this line to the docs:

doppler configure set token xyztoken

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Hi @Peer!

I think the main reason we don’t surface that as a suggestion there is that typically the best and recommended way to do this is to pass the Doppler token as an environment variable. If DOPPLER_TOKEN is set in the environment, then the CLI will automatically use that as the token. So, in a case where you just have one token that a Docker container or server VM is using, you would typically just pass the token in as an environment variable there.

Is that something that would work in your situation?



Wouldn’t that expose the service-token easily having a docker startup script?

For my use-case now I am not using docker, which made the command necessary for me.

Thank you

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