Allow period in variable names

When using GitHub Actions with a .Net project there is an action in the marketplace that allows for json/xml/yml variable substitution to facilitate application configuration. However, it is expecting the environment variables to be separated with periods instead of underscores. Unfortunately, I am unable to type in a period in the variable name as it is immediately replaced with an underscore. Is this something that could be added, as it would save a tremendous amount of effort in having to specify every environment variable again manually as one with a period instead of an underscore?

Hi Josh, as you noted we currently don’t support periods in secret names. The supported character set was chosen to comply with the POSIX environment variable standards. More specifically:

Environment variable names used by the utilities in the Shell and Utilities volume of POSIX.1-2017 consist solely of uppercase letters, digits, and the ( ‘_’ ) from the characters defined in Portable Character Set and do not begin with a digit.