Suddenly unable to create secrets using doppler_secret terraform resource

A pipeline that was previously working is no longer working . In it, we create secrets using the doppler_secret terraform resource. We are now getting the error :

│ Error: Doppler Error: Secret name "" may only contain uppercase letters, numbers, and underscores.

However, the plan shows a name that meets the requirements stated in the error. While there’s a possibility that something weird is happening on our end, right now, based on reviewing the plan, i can’t seem to see anything that we’re doing wrong.

Hi @isavibe!

This appears to be a regression of some kind on our end. We’re looking into it! I’ll post again once we have more information.


That’s correct - successfully applied with version 1.2.0. I guess I should pin my versions.

@isavibe We just released v1.2.2 that fixes this issue!

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