Windows 11 Install - Error Updating

Just found out about Doppler this week! Wanted to dive in, but having an issue.

Has anyone come across this error message? Searching in forum came up empty.

Doppler Error: this command is not yet implemented for your operating system

Windows 11 Home (x64) with WSL for Linux
completed setup as per Git Bash instructions here

Hi @ProsperousHeart!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

This is actually a holdover from before we supported installing the CLI via the install script on Windows. In a Git Bash/Cygwin/WSL2 environment, it probably should work as expected. I’ll look into whether we can get that changed or not. In the mean time, running the install script again should update in place for you.


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Great - thank you!

I was in git bash when I did it, so if you need anything else about my system for testing let me know.

Is there a way to find out when updates are made?

The CLI should print a message when you run a normal command when an update is available. Hopefully, we can get the update command to work for MINGW64 based systems though!

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I did find installation into a GitHub CodeSpace worked just fine so if needed I can use that as well.

@ProsperousHeart We just merged a change that should get doppler update working in Git Bash. I’ll post again once a CLI release with the change is available so you can try it out!

@ProsperousHeart It’s now released in v3.59.0.

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Fantastic! And to confirm, I just download the new version and we should be able to run the command after that, correct? (I’ll be checking later today)

Also - my first message was marked as spam. Why?

Yep, that’s right! Let me know if you run into any issues.

It looks like you hit the a setting that limits how many times you can post a link to the same host in the same thread as a new user (it’s a spam prevention setting). In your case it was totally legit though, you were just posting follow-up responses. With this forum software, as you use it your user gets promoted to higher trust levels to help prevent spam. I’ve just manually increased you to the next level, so it should hopefully prevent that from happening again!

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Confirming it’s working on Windows! And thanks for the info on uninstallation as per here.