Doppler upgrade CLI on raspberry pi not working

Unable to update doppler on raspberry pi for some reason i dont understand

Followed installation steps of Debian/Ubuntu @

✘ pi@piworker  ~  uname -a
Linux piworker 5.10.63-v7+ #1459 SMP Wed Oct 6 16:41:10 BST 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux

✘ pi@piworker  ~  doppler --version

pi@piworker  ~  sudo doppler update
Unable to install the latest Doppler CLI
Doppler Error: exit status 1

Hi there!

Could you try performing the update with the --debug flag enabled and post the output you get?


Sorry i had to paste as image as it complained for text

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Interesting! It looks like we might need to update the script to recognize that arch since it seems like it should fit under arm7. Could you run a couple more commands for me and give me the output?

  • uname -m
  • arch

Actually, looking at this again, it did detect armv7 as the arch, but it looks like the deb might have issues (also, I realized you had already provided uname -a). How did you initially install the Doppler CLI on your pi? Was it using the script? Or via package manager? One more thing that might be useful here:

  • dpkg --print-architecture

It looks like pi’s will print the expected arch in uname -m, but dpkg sees the arch as armhf, so you end up with a mismatch like this.

An additional follow-up, it looks like you might be able to solve this by running the following on your pi:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture armv7l

Can you give it a shot and see if that allows the script to complete successfully?

Here you go . Couldnt add armv71 using command below. It fails

➜ ~ uname -m
➜ ~ arch
➜ ~ dpkg --print-architecture
➜ ~ sudo dpkg --add-architecture armv7l
pkg-config-dpkghook: warning: Architecture armv7l not defined in architecture tables, ignored
➜ ~ dpkg --print-architecture

I used the debian way to install as per

I used the debian way to install as per

In that case, you should upgrade via the package manager by doing something like:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install doppler

Does that work? Either way, I’m still interested in figuring out how we might be able to fix this since I can imagine someone might want to install Doppler on a Pi without using the package manager. Could you give me some more details about Raspberry Pi you’re using? Could you also send me the output from cat /etc/os-release?

I did apt get remove and did a fresh install and it worked. So when a new version comes out we have to see if this issue happens again


Great! Looking forward to hearing whether an apt upgrade works on the next release. I’ve also ordered a Raspberry Pi to do some testing with myself in the future.