Doppler Setup Stuck

I’m trying to test Doppler but the CLI is not working for me. I had installed doppler in my WSL Ubuntu 20.04 but after login, no command is working anymore, it stay stuck in a POST request to a analytics route.

> doppler setup --debug
Debug: Using config dir /home/mtayllan/.doppler
Debug: Using config file /home/mtayllan/.doppler/.doppler.yaml
Debug: Reading config file
Debug: Retrieving token from system keyring
Debug: Sending anonymous analytics payload: '{"command":"doppler.setup"}'
Debug: Performing HTTP POST to

This is the last line from debug, it keeps there forever…

How can I proceed?

Hi @tayllanr!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

We did get back to you earlier in a support ticket you submitted as well, but I wanted to follow up here too for the benefit of anyone else who may be searching the forums. What finally got you going here again was uninstalling and reinstalling the CLI.

Beyond something odd going on there, one theory we had as well that we weren’t able to test before you did the uninstall/reinstall was that you were on an older version of the CLI that submitted analytics data after the command completed and the API was hanging for some reason. The most common reason for that is typically due to a local DNS issue.

So, for anyone reading this in the future, if uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t help, then either adjusting your DNS to use either Google Public DNS ( or Cloudflare’s public DNS ( could help. As an alternative, you could try using the --enable-dns-resolver flag on the CLI, which will cause it to try to do the DNS resolution itself rather than relying on the OS to do it.