What’s the benefit of Doppler for local development secret sharing over just committing the secrets to the repository?

I understand the benefits of using Doppler for production secret management. However, suppose we do not/cannot use Doppler for that use case anymore.

Is there a benefit of using Doppler for sharing local development environment secrets over just committing those secrets to the repository?

Any secrets shared this way, whether by Doppler or git, are assumed to be low risk anyway, i.e. only access to development environments.

I cannot think of arguments in favor of Doppler over git.

The key ‘argument’ would be that of forcing key values/secrets across the development environment. if the values are held in git they can be changed at the local and branch levels or even git ignored if a developer wishes.

The term ‘argument’ would mean just that, Doppler can be used as an Ops tool to enforce central settings on the developer environments, which maybe a step to far.

To limit the amount of debate such a setup would cause, I use Doppler at the CI level - developers can use whatever values they want in their local environments and the repos, but the instant a central build takes place it is using values set by Ops.