Could Someone Help me Connect Doppler Using Github CI for Secure Setup Leader?

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I hope you are well. We have been looking into doppler as an answer to control secrets and sets and are excited to use its features. unfortunately; we are having difficulty connecting doppler correctly into our GitLab CI workflows.

Our company depends greatly on Github CI for computing our build; test; and delivery activities between numerous locations; such as growth; setting; and productions. Every job site requires a unique setup and the secure management of private data.

  • What are the best ways of protecting passwords everywhere with doppler? We want to make sure that valuable information is secured everywhere of our CI pipelines while following regulation.
  • Can someone provide an in depth tutorial connecting doppler with Github CI? Actually how can we safely acquire and use doppler secrets during our CI creation and installation?
  • How does Doppler deal with environment specific setups? Is it possible to simply handle and move between different kinds of factors in the research; setting; and delivery locations? We want to know how doppler makes it easier to handle various setups across our pipeline steps.
  • What techniques does doppler include for updating passwords and setups? How can we correctly track changes and verify access to setups during a period of time?
  • Has anyone found speed limits when using doppler in real time with Github CI? How were these issues resolved, and what updates were taken to maintain reliable performance and confidence?

We appreciate your helpful thoughts, recommendations, and links that will help us improve our Doppler use in Github CI processes.Also I have gone through some post related to this but I did not get the adequate solution that I wanted. While I would like to appreciate any kind of help,

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Hi @Jazlyn!

These are some pretty broad questions. Just to clarify though – are you asking about GitHub Actions? Or GitLab CI? At one point you mention GitLab CI, but the rest of your references are to GitHub CI. I’m going to assume you’re talking about GitHub here for now, but let me know if I’m wrong!

When dealing with secrets in GitHub Actions, the best option is to store those as GitHub Action Secrets. We have an integration that will keep a particular Doppler config synced to GitHub Action Secrets for a repository. You can find documentation around that here:

GitHub provides documentation around using these secrets in workflows here:

In terms of updating secrets, how that works with our integration is any time you update a secret in Doppler and save that secret, it’s immediately synced to GitHub. This is a one-way sync though, so once this is setup you should always manage your secrets in Doppler and not modify them directly in GitHub.

As far as “speed limits” go, are you referring to rate limits? If you’re using our CLI in GitHub Action workflows, then it’s definitely possible to run into rate limits. You can avoid that completely though by using our integration and then just accessing the secrets directly from GitHub in your workflow.

Let me know if you have further questions!


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When you have to integrate Doppler with GitHub CI, handle environment-specific setups, update secrets, and ensure reliable performance.There are some few simple steps that might help you :
Download and install the Doppler CLI and then sign-up.
Then Generate a service token in the Doppler dashboard.
Create a Service Token and store it in GitHub.
After saving update your GitHub Actions Workflow.
Let me know if you need more help :smile: :smile:

I agree with this, Thanks for sharing.