Webhook shows a config was updated but doesnt give info about which secret in config was updated

I am using a webhook such that whenever a config is updated i will be alerted. The webhook however only tells me about the config update but does not tell me which secret in the config was updated.

I am finding it difficult to find this in documentation. Is this by design.

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Yep, what you’re seeing there is happening by design. The general idea behind the webhooks are to help with operations such as triggering a redeploy, for example. In most cases like that, something along the lines of doppler run is used and you don’t really need to know which secret changed. That said, would you mind elaborating on your use-case here? Would having the names of the secrets that changed in the payload help? If so, I can pass that feedback on to our product team.


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Hello @watsonian thank you so much for your prompt response. Yes, having the name of secrets that changed in the payload would definitely help.

My scenario is simple, i have a small team working in IST and another one working in PST. My end goal is to establish cross team communication regarding what secret was changed in a particular config in a project. So everytime a secret is updated i use it as a trigger (via webhook) and run a logic wherein information about that secret gets updated in teams channel. If i can get the secret name in payload i would parse it and then send the secret name as a teams message. I am configuring an integration between Doppler, Logic App and Microsoft teams.

Thanks for sharing your use-case! I’ve gone ahead and shared your feedback with our product team for consideration!

Thank you so much @watsonian . Please do let me know if this feedback is accommodated by Product team. Are there any release notes that Doppler releases where i can check this ? I just want to be sure that if this is being accommodated i dont miss it.

We do post some limited release notes at https://www.doppler.com/changes, but not everything would show up there. I’m not sure if this would be something that would. I’ve added a note to the internal issue we have on this to post an update here if/when this change is made.

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