Vercel integration limits number of branches

We have thousands of branches on Vercel (old ones that we don’t use and may have deleted from the Git repo but are still in the history of Vercel’s previous deployment.
Today I was trying to create a new integration Doppler > Vercel for a particular Preview branch (not Production or Development which don’t ask for a branch name) and the dropdown menu was only showing me a fix number of Vercel branches (not all of them).
I had to edit the selected value of the dropdown using Chrome’s DevTools and it works very well now so it must have been a limit you’ve put on the dropdown list.

Hi @palbrecht1!

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Unfortunately, this seems to be due to a deficiency in Vercel’s API. We’re currently using the undocumented API endpoint that’s used to populate this list:

Could you take a look there for me and see if all your branches are showing up as expected there? From what I can tell, the endpoint doesn’t appear to support pagination, so I’d expect it to be broken in their UI as well.


@palbrecht1 I got in touch with Vercel and this was a bug on their end. The endpoint we were using for this only fetched up to 100 branches. They’re working on fixing it by adding pagination. Once that’s done, we can get this fixed on our end!