Starting with Doppler

Hi Team,
I am starting to work with doppler for my kubernetes clusters.

There are few questions arise when I was reviewing the setup doc.

  1. Is it possible to setup doppler locally?
  2. How to manage multiple projects in doppler.
  3. If I have multiple applications running on kubernetes and each have different secrets, then is it possible to manage it with single doppler token? Or do I need to make secrets and dopplerSecrets different for each?

Hi @arpit_agrawal!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

  1. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this. If you’re asking whether or not we have an on-prem option for installing and deploying your own Doppler, the answer is currently no. We only have our cloud offerring currently.
  2. We have a doc that discusses this somewhat! Take a look here: Workplace Structure
  3. It’s possible to use a single token for multiple DopplerSecret CRDs by using Service Accounts. You’ll need a Team account though. Every config you want to sync to Doppler will need its own DopplerSecret CRD though. Each of those CRDs can reference the same token secret though.