Kubernetes operator token service account

I’ve been trying to use a token service account (I added all permissions) in doppler-kubernetes-operator to have access to all “dev” variables in all kubernetes projects without success.
When using secret token it works perfectly but only accesses one environment in a single project.
I tried following the documentation below without success.

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Hi @Gabriel_k!

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Would you mind sharing some of your DopplerSecret CRDs so I can take a look at them? Could you also describe one of your DopplerSecrets in kubernetes and send me the output (specifically, the status section toward the bottom)?


Hi Joel!
I think I identify the problem, I was testing with several service accounts and customized some fields to organize myself. When I implemented the service account token and it worked, I understood that I cannot change the ----from-literal=serviceToken parameter. (I had changed it to --from-literal=serviceAccount ). Sorry :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your attention.