Persist doppler setup for vs code dev container and monorepo project

Hi! Use case - I have a monorepo developing inside a vs code dev container. I preconfigured each monorepo package using doppler.yaml (because I have separate doppler projects for different packages). I pass my personal token to the dev container so I don’t have to do doppler login on each container rebuild and still have access to multiple doppler projects. But I still need to do doppler setup each time I rebuild the container. Is there any way to persist doppler setup for each monorepo package so I don’t have to do doppler setup for each package every time I rebuild the container? Thanks!

Answering my question :slightly_smiling_face:
I achieved it by adding this code to my devcontainer.json file:


  "remoteEnv": {

  "postCreateCommand": "bash -c 'cd /workspace/packages/package1 && doppler setup --no-prompt && cd /workspace/packages/package2 && doppler setup --no-prompt'",

And again, as DOPPLER_TOKEN I use my personal token, so I have access to all my doppler projects. And you have to pre-configure the Doppler project and config with doppler.yaml for each package!

Awesome stuff @eugene!