Monorepo best practices

Hi all! I am trying to clean up the environment settings for my Typescript monorepo, it’s unclear to me how best to approach this without introducing a lot of duplication. Some environment variables are shared across one or more packages; other environment variables are specific to a particular package. Should this be modeled as one project, or several? This seems like a common enough problem that someone must have come up with a solution. I would love to use Doppler, it looks great in all other respects but I need to figure this out in order for it to be a viable solution. Any ideas / input appreciated!!

Hi @btakashi !

You could reference secrets from a global vault project for example, if you want to avoid duplication and be able to change once and apply everywhere automatically :v:

About monorepo best practices, here’s a thread about it :

Example configuration :

# doppler.yaml
  - project: frontend
    config: dev
    path: frontend/
  - project: backend
    config: dev
    path: backend/