It would be nice if projects were separated by folders in the workspace

Hello. First of all, I’m using the doppler very well. Thanks to the tool, our environmental variables management is very easy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. :slight_smile:

We have a lot of projects in our workspace. Our project is made up of monorepo, and every time we start a new project, it increases by one in the doppler, which is where the problem arises!

We believe that the more projects we lose, the less legible it is because we have to see them all in one page. Therefore, could you put in a folder function that allows you to collect projects? Or is there such a schedule already?! XD

Thank you. Have a nice day! :sunglasses:

Hi @jieey1140!

Thanks for your kind words! Glad to hear that you’re enjoying using Doppler!

Currently, I’m afraid there’s no way to group projects. This is something you’re not alone in wanting though and we have plans to introduce some changes that will improve the UX around this. I don’t have a timeline for when that feature will ship, but rest assured it’s on our short list of things to do!