Folders for organizing projects

As we start to move more and more things into doppler we’ve seen the need to have better organization (cron tasks, marketing jobs, web services). Do you think we’d be able to have folders to organize these things?

This is an interesting feature request. A couple of follow up questions:

  • Would it need to support nested folders?
  • Would the folders dictate permissions, like in Google Drive?

I would avoid nested folders initially and see how much need there is later on. I think nesting too much causes complexity and leads to more trouble than it’s worth.

The folders could have permissions but not necessarily, for right now it’s purely organizational (our doppler is a mess and i can only imagine the chaos of massive microservices deployments). Web, backend. Sometimes web needs to see backend configs so onerous permissions are painful. What Id do is you could maybe quick apply or view permissions, but being in a folder doesn’t grant permissions on its own.