GCP Error logs on Doppler Reconciliation

Hi there,

I have been using Doppler for a fews months now. I am noticing a lot of errors were generated on GCP, these are not real errors, its just INFO about the sync between GKE and Doppler.

Is there anyway to uncategorize it as non erorr or mute them?

Thanks in advanve,

Hi @AdrianEunoia!

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Those are just INFO level logs from our k8s operator. If something is detecting those as logs, it seems likely that it’s some other system that’s been configured to detect any log entries as errors – which would be incorrect. It should only be categorizing ERROR and maybe WARN log level entries that way.

So, in summary, we’re not doing anything with these. Our service is just emitting the logs as it does something. What’s causing them to get categorized as errors is some system you probably have setup generically in k8s that’s doing it (not sure what that would be since it would be pretty uncommon for something to just take any STDOUT line from a service and treat it as an error). There’s no real setting or changes you can make with our service that would impact what you’re experiencing here.


Hi @AdrianEunoia,

Just wanted to follow-up here to note that it actually looks like the Operator SDK uses a logging library that defaults to sending all log messages to STDERR. So, even though it’s printing as an INFO message and we’re calling a log.Info() function to log it, it’s still being logged to STDERR under the hood. We’re going to look into what can be done to fix this. I’ll update again once we have anything concrete to share.


Ok @watsonian thanks for your involvement, we have already recategorized this error on our customs loggings and it’s not anymore reported.

Keep me posted.