Doppler with container sigterm

Whats the best way to run a contianer in k8s cluster with doppler (right now i am using doppler in the enterpiont of the container) and make sure my process is geeting a proper sigterm for graceful shutdown

Hi @Or_Gabay!

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We recommend using our Kubernetes operator with deployments in Kubernetes. This will allow you to configure which secrets you want synced from Doppler to Kubernetes secrets. Then your containers can just access them as they would any other Kubernetes secret. This has the added benefit of insulating you from any potential Doppler outages that may occur in the future and also decreasing API requests being made.

With regard to gracefully restarting your containers – you can set an annotation on your deployments (note that it must be a Deployment for this to work) and when a secret changes k8s will automatically redeploy the containers based on the strategy you have configured. If you need to restart other resource types outside of Deployments, then you should take a look at Reloader.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!