Any helm chart for Kubernetes-operator?


I am looking to see if there is any helm chart to install kubernetes-operator on a cluster ?

Hi @naga!

We don’t have a Helm chart available for the kubernetes-operator today, just an installation oneliner.

Thanks for letting us know that you’re interested in managing the operator with Helm though!

Thanks @Nic_Manoogian for the quick response, Yes i am planning automate this installation and manage through helm

Outstanding! Thanks again for the feedback; we’ll keep you posted if there are any changes on a Helm chart.

Adding here - I just notice the pre-release of the Kubernetes operator yesterday and am PUMPED to get to use it (I wasn’t thrilled about any of the other options for getting Doppler secrets into our K8s deployments, but this is absolutely the winning ticket!)

We’re planning on automating our installation of this operator using helm as-well, and while we’re happy to write our own charts, an official one would be lovely!

@Dangeruss That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re as jazzed about the operator as we are!

:tada: I’m excited to say that v1.0.0 of our Doppler Kubernetes Operator has Helm support! We’ve updated our installation instructions in the README.

Thanks to both @naga and @Dangeruss for the input, please keep it coming!

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