secrets sync

Hello - Great experience using doppler so far. I do have a question about secrets integration. When i update a secret in doppler it does not seem to sync with fly immediately. I have had to manually hit the sync action in the UI to get the secrets propagated to

Should the secrets sync automatically? Is there a delay?

One other nit about the fly integration. When i set up fly integration any existing secrets on fly were deleted. Not a deal breaker for me but was definitely unexpected. Might want to add a warning about this or something as i can see this being a problem in some use situations. thanks!

Hi @jbrwn!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

The sync should update more or less immediately when you save your config in Doppler. Keep in mind that the UI doesn’t live-update, so you have to refresh the page to see the change. You should rarely (if ever) have to hit the manual sync link for an integration in Doppler (if you find that you do, then something is wrong!).

Regarding having a warning, that’s a great callout! We have a change lined up for that now to address this!