[CLI] Add integrations from the doppler cli

Adding integrations via the CLI would make it much easier to handle dynamic generated environments.

Use case:

We dynamically create a new Fly app for each PR opened against the main branch. Currently we use a combination of Fly secrets and Gitub Secrets / Github environment Secrets. This leads to having secrets all over the place and rotating them very tedious.

I know that it is possible to do this with quite a bit of elbow grease but I think it could be made much simpler if we were able to create integrations on the “fly”

Each preview could have synced secrets

  • Create a branch config for each PR inside of a github action using the github PR number
  • Create a Fly app
  • Create a doppler integration with Fly
  • Connect our Fly app and our new Doppler config

Currently to try and do this workflow we would have to create some type of bash script and use the doppler Integration API end points to create and then connect to the integration.

It would be really awesome to be able to create and connect applications dynamically inside a Github action. Let me know if you there is something wrong in my thinking here or if this would be the correct workflow.

Circled back on this to add this could also be useful creating github environments on the fly in an action and then directly populate the created environment with secrets from doppler.