Sync Doppler secrets to GitHub secrets

Hi! Love Doppler, it’s been a dream to use. I think this is a feature your team has mentioned is coming: changing the GitHub integration so that it syncs every secret to GitHub secrets. That would be amazing! Can you comment on when you think this’ll land?

The current approach is a security problem for us because secrets can get unintentionally exposed in workflow logs. Our fallback option is to manually update GitHub secrets when required but it’d be super-nice to not have to do that. :slight_smile:

A related scenario is the ability to use different secret environment values for different GitHub actions. So for instance “DB_HOST” has different values depending on whether our CI deployment is preview or production. How would this scenario be supported if Doppler syncs to GitHub secrets?

Hi @Keith and welcome to the Doppler community!

Although our docs have not yet been updated to reflect this change (my bad), the integration does now sync individual secrets!

Just simply remove, then add the GitHub integration for this change to take effect.

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