Executable file not found in $PATH

I’m trying to set up Doppler in our CI environment. We’re using CircleCI with the Cypress orb.

I can get the Doppler CLI installed and running in our CircleCI config up until the final step: ./doppler run -- cypress run. At this point the command fails, throwing the following error:

exec: "cypress": executable file not found in $PATH


  1. I’m able to use the Doppler CLI successfully on other steps (running npm scripts)
  2. The final cypress run step works properly when I don’t prefix it with ./doppler run --

Hey Max and welcome to the Doppler community!

While I would’ve expected your command to work, try using the --command form instead:

./doppler run --command="cypress run"

Let me know how you go.

Slightly different error when I try that but I think it’s the same issue:

sh: 1: cypress: not found
Doppler Error: exit status 127


To continue troubleshooting, could you inspect the $PATH variable with and without Doppler to see if there is a difference?

The $PATHs are identical with and without Doppler.

Hey Max,

That’s very strange.

Can you try providing the full path to the cypress binary, e.g. doppler run -- /usr/local/bin/cypress run.