Others having trouble running doppler on windows?

I’m having trouble getting a script running on windows

I have a command that runs something like

doppler run -- nodemon index.ts

and it says something like “nodemon not found in %PATH%”

However, when I just run the script without the doppler cli prefix, ie normaly with yarn, the app runs (but of course it runs without the env variables).

Any ideas what might be happening?

Hi @acom!

I’ve seen this come up before with another customer, although it was for Python in their case. What installation method did you use for Node on your machine? In their case, making sure the LongPathsEnabled registry setting seemed to solve the issue. We describe how to enable that here:

Could you give that a shot and let me know if it has any impact? If it doesn’t, could you make sure to provide information about how you installed Node and Doppler? Could you also make sure that the location the nodemon binary is located is on your %PATH%?