Doppler Secret Mounting Fails on Directories synced with iCloud

Hello Doppler Community,

I have been trying to integrate doppler with my development process by mounting an ephemeral file using doppler run --mount .env -- <my dev command>. Yet doppler failed with error Doppler Error: write /Users/path/to/env/.env: broken pipe when the file get read by my development script.

May I know if there is any recommendation?

More details

  • My project lives inside a directory with is synced with iCloud. I have tested the above command by mounting the ephemeral file in a directory that is synced and everything worked as expected.
  • The error only occurs if I try to read the ephemeral file. I have tested this with the command doppler run --mount .env -- zsh and run cat .env in the new shell
  • This error will crash the TTY process:

macOS version: 13.3.1 (a)


Resolved as per [BUG] `doppler run` Fails to Mount Ephemeral Secret File on Mac · Issue #397 · DopplerHQ/cli · GitHub