Doppler login in Linux unreliable

I used doppler login on my MacBook. This gives me access to all the secrets and is working reliably. But whenever I use it from my Linux desktop, I am greeted with
Doppler Error: Invalid Auth token.

If I doppler login again, I get

 Select an option:  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> Scope login to current directory (/path/to/my/repo)
  Overwrite global login (/)

Regardless of which option I choose, upon successful login, doppler starts working. But when I try again later (after reboot or a after some time) I get Doppler Error: Invalid Auth token again.

Why is doppler login so unreliable in my case? Am I doing sth wrong? Why is the token invalid after such a short time? Can I instead generate and use personal token just like I do with service token during deployment?

Hi @nrayamajhee!

When you perform a doppler login it generates a CLI token on your account. These don’t have expiration times and can be managed in your dashboard here. Once logged in, a reference to the token being used should be stored in ~/.doppler/.doppler.yaml. Is that location persistent in your Linux environment? If you’re using containers, it’s possible that it’s not.

Assuming it is persistent, it could be that your configuration has some issues. Could you try performing a doppler configure reset and then do a fresh doppler login to see if it starts working more as expected after that?


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