Doppler in Github Codespaces - change account from "workplace_service_account" to normal user

Hi there.

I’m using Doppler in Github Codespaces with great success, but I have a small question feature request.

Our current setup works like this. We have configured the DOPPLER_TOKEN to a workplace_service_account key. This is great, because this means that when freelancers use the codespace they have access to test and local environment in Doppler, everything is fine.

Hoewever, when I as a “real” doppler user uses a github codespace and run doppler login, I can successfully log in. But after logging in, I’m still “authenticated” as “workplace_service_account” (and thus can’t access stage for example).

Can you help with this, or come with any tips? I’m using v3.68.0

Hi @alexbjorlig!

This is because having DOPPLER_TOKEN set in the environment takes precedence over the CLI token that’s set when you perform a doppler login. There are two things you could do in this scenario. Either:

  • Run unset DOPPLER_TOKEN in your shell before you do a doppler login. That should get your shell session to use the CLI token.
  • Run doppler login and then run export DOPPLER_TOKEN=$(doppler configure get token --plain), which will reassign the DOPPLER_TOKEN environment variable to the new CLI token you got after performing a CLI login.

Ultimately, it might be easier to have a separate Service Account for your more privileged developers that has the additional access permissions and then set things up so their Codespaces get a token from that Service Account injected and then your freelancers get a token from the Service Account with fewer permissions injected (assuming this is possible with your setup!).