"Doppler error: You must specify a config" when trying to delete branch config

Im following the example for “Sharing a config” on the docs page for “Branch Configs”.

I can successfully complete the following commands

doppler configs create dev_stripe_billing
doppler configure set config=dev_stripe_billing
doppler secrets set STRIPE_API_KEY=sk_test_9YxLnoLDdvOPn2dfjBVPB

At this point I can access the key in my application, everythings going great.

But then when I come to the last step:
doppler configs delete dev_stripe_billing

I get the output
Unable to delete config
Doppler Error: You must specify a config

I’ve spent about an hour trying different things to make this command work, but every time it gives me this same mysterious message. I’ve done some googling and can’t find any other instances of this problem so i’m hoping someone here can help me.

Hi @Isaac!

Welcome to the Doppler Community!

We took a look at this and it looks like you’ve found a bug! We opened an issue for it and will hopefully be able to get a fix out for it in the relatively near future. In the mean time, you can either delete the config through the dashboard or (if you need it for some automation) you could try using our API directly until the fix is available.