Can't sync Doppler secrets to Heroku project

I am attempting to connect the Doppler project to the Heroku app.

I am seeing the following error in red:

  • Unable to create/update secret with reserved name DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_ENVIRONMENT

I checked Heroku env vars and this is not an existing environment variable.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Resolved here: Doppler -> Heroku integration failure

** UPDATE - this only worked for one of the environments, not all

@axw Was this showing up when you were attempting to import secrets from your Heroku app while setting up the sync? DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_ENVIRONMENT isn’t one we actually set (we set DOPPLER_ENVIRONMENT), so I’m curious what was going on here. Are you able to elaborate a bit?

UPDATE: Minor correction here. We do set DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_ENVIRONMENT (along with DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_PROJECT and DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_CONFIG) for some very old configs. If you’ve been using Doppler for a long time, this may be the case for you as well. This has not been true for any configs created in at least the last couple of years though.

Yes we have been using Doppler for a very long time, the config I’m using was created years ago.

I got the integration working for one of my environments, but still seeing the DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_CONFIG issue when trying to sync 2 other Heroku apps.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the error below. Your help here is much appreciated.

@axw Can you send me a screenshot of the output of heroku config -a YOUR_APP_NAME? Make sure to black out the actual values if there’s anything sensitive. Just want to make very sure those DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_* variables aren’t already over there. If they aren’t there at all, then there’s likely a bug involving import with very old configs. Assuming that’s the case, we can look into a fix for this, but the fastest workaround would probably be creating new environments in your project, moving your secrets over via an export/import, and then renaming your environments. If you have a large number of syncs or deployments that would be disrupted by this, waiting for a fix might be a better option though.

Thanks - what I had to do was delete the pre-existing DOPPLER_ENCLAVE_* variables, wait for the app to redeploy, and then sync with Doppler

Yep, that’d do it! Glad you were able to get things going!