Doppler environment variables undefined

Recently started configuring a new database, and afterwards all of the environment variables from doppler became undefined. The start scripts haven’t changed, and the doppler config and project are still correct, but all of the environment data is undefined. Any idea what may have happened or what needs to be fixed?

Hi @Sam_Aclymate!

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Would you mind providing some more specifics about what you’re doing and the actual commands and actions you took? If you set database credentials in Doppler, then those secrets should be available to any application you run using doppler run. It sounds like you may be doing something different though, so more details will be helpful to sort out what’s going on!

If you’d rather not provide those details in public, feel free to email with those details and just reference this thread in your email!


The start script is running (see image)

which all looks correct, however it then fails as variables coming from doppler are undefined.

If you run the following command rather than the Firebase one in your screenshot, are all of the secrets you expect showing up?

doppler run -- printenv

Or does it come back without them as well?

Ya, they’re showing up, I’m now thinking the issue is maybe from firebase somewhere, regardless, I’m just uninstalling and setting up my work environment again to fix it.

Okay, if you still run into problems go ahead and post again and we can take another look at it!