Batch manage user/group access per projects through the CLI + Web UI

Hello there!

Today when I want to apply user/group access on all my projects (~30/40), I need to go on each one, hit the “access” tab and add the wanted users/groups. This is a redundant and tedious task that takes time, the more projects you have.

Could it be possible to have a checkbox list with all the projects, be able to check the ones we want, and apply specific user/group permission on the given selection, or something similar?

We could even use the same feature available when saving a project config, where you can automatically check the others environments where to sync pending changes?

For the CLI, being able to configure the project access by giving an email list or group name/id would be great too, it’ll allow us to create a loop to apply custom access on all the projects very quickly and easily.

Let me know if it already exist, or what you think :v:

Hi @Grraahaam!

Unfortunately, there’s not a good way to do this outside the manual project-by-project method you describe. We have an internal issue open about this and I’ve added your feedback to it. Hopefully, we’ll have some changes to make this experience easier before too long! In the mean time, sorry for the hassle!


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